Welcome to Nomad Species, the labels apparition of globe's several citizens. We stand here for ace techno, capturing the sound of the counter-culture, with aggressive yet adorable melodies, experimenting within the new and cutting-edge world of electronic music in which we live today. We set out to change the scene of electronic music affairs around the globe.

You might think that there is some authority you could look to for answers, but all of the authorities you can think of are fake. AUTHORITIES like your parents, your church, your government, are really just people like YOU, people who do not have any answers, people who had to figure out for themselves how to live.

We live in a cosmos of mass media consumerism, with a bombardment of information slipping through our heads. Our passion for timeless, creative and intimate content is intended for a new human species evolving, that is often characterized by its high levels of cognizance and stoicism, and does not conform to typical standards, trends, or hypes as set by the popular mainstream media. WE DANCE, WE LEARN.


We write our own essence, through the way we choose to live. Stop wasting time searching for answers in an answerless world. We are abandoned in a universe full of meaninglessness. The world was not created for a reason, and it does not exist for a reason.

 There are no guidelines for our actions, each of us is forced to design our own moral code, to invent a morality to live by. There are NO ABSOLUTES to abide by: no cosmic justice, no fairness, no order, no rules.

We are an aggregation of scientists, researchers, record producers, sound and image designers, DJs, marketing managers, social media marketers, event promoters, music publishers and more. Nomad Species aim to trigger self-awareness and gradually become a game changer in what people listen to, explore or experience.


ACCEPT the full weight of your freedom in light of the absurd. There is NO ANSWER until you choose one for yourself, determined by the values you accept. If the world is going to have any of the things most of us value - like justice and order - we are going to have to put it there ourselves. Because, otherwise, those things would not exist.

Over the past two years, Nomad Species has grown from a local highlight to an international affair, with several international editions in cities like Athens, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Urbino and Limassol.


Choose your species,